Friday, 26 August 2011

Alt.Ghost Story Festival, Halifax, 2011

The Halifax Ghost Story Festival will return this year, in an "alt.ghost story" guise. It will be held on Saturday 12th November at Dean Clough, Halifax, and will start about 2pm. (There will be a break for food between about 5pm-7pm, then the evening events begin.) There may well be a Sunday session, although it will be a couple of weeks before this can be confirmed.
Arthur Machen

Tartarus Press will play a large part in the proceedings. We will be exploring the boundaries where the ghostly and the supernatural meet the psychological and the mystical. We aim to turn the spotlight on Arthur Machen in particular; plus Elizabeth Jane Howard and Robert Aickman, and we will be showing film(s) relating to their work. We can confirm that we will be showing the new film of "The Happy Children" by Machen, the TV adaptation of Howard's "Three Miles Up", and we are negotiating to show "The Hospice" by Aickman.
Robert Aickman
Elizabeth Jane Howard

We will have a number of guests including Mark Valentine and Reggie Oliver who will help furnish us with a highly informed, urbane take on the supernatural fiction genre. 
Mark Valentine
Reggie Oliver
Unfortunately, Jeremy Dyson won't be able to make it this year.Updated information on the gestival can be found here.

Additionally, we also hope to launch the publication of a new edition of We Are for the Dark by Robert Aickman and Elizabeth Jane Howard.

With no help from Arts Council Great Britain!

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  1. Last year's event, which I wrote a piece about in the Winter edition of the BFS Newsletter, Prism, was a great success and both my wife and I enjoyed it tremendously. It was well organised and very entertaining, with some high-class readings, talks, plays and entertainment. We won't be missing this, even though it is a smaller event this time.